WMOD Box – Fully Welded Single Door Box for Outdoor application

  • All round formed in-place Polyurethene PU seal on Door to ensure a reliable sealing
  • Door opening 180°- Heavy duty casting hinges / cam locks provided Door opening left to rignt, can be changed opposite
  • Hemming of door frame edges of the body For proper sealing with PU gasket & increased gasket life Protection against scratches & cuts
  • Offset for gland plate cutout For meet protection class 2-mm gland plate with 3-mm thk gasket sealing
  • Mounting plate in 2.5-mm Galvanized sheet & it can be adjustable 25-mm up or down
  • Enclosure colour – Range of RAL colours available on request
  • Accessories that can be fit
  • 7a – Vertical channel

    7b – Horizontal channel

    7c – Depthwise rail

    7d – limit switch bracket

    7e – LED light

    7f – Door stopper

    7g – Wall mounting bracket

    7h – Drawing pocket

    7i – Cable support bracket on Ø22.5 hole

    7j – Pad lock arrangement

  • Inbuild canopy construction in body


  • Body : Sheet steel
  • Door : Sheet steel, All round Formed in place PU seal

Surface finish

  • Body inbuild canopy extension, Gland plate & Door : Dipcoat primed + powder coated textured paint
  • Mounting plate : G I Sheet


  • RAL7035

Supply includes

  • Body
  • Door - 180° opening heavy duty hinges / cam lock Door opening left to rignt (left side lock / right side hinge) can be changed opposite
  • Mounting plate
  • Gland plate
  • Protection Category - IP56